How will your loved one be remembered?

Treasures Told

Honoring our loved ones by capturing their stories before they are gone.

Be the hero of the family. Capture and share the wisdom of the generations.

Your loved ones are valued through the process.

Family stories are accurately recorded.

Wisdom is shared for future generations.

Imagine planning their funeral.

Time is up. You can no longer ask questions of their childhood.

What will your grandchildren know about their heritage?

What can you do to capture it now?

Your loved one is honored while they are still here.

Family stories, wisdom, and maybe a secret recipe are captured.

Your family members have a memoir to enjoy forever.

“My family and friends are so grateful for the book.

We can’t thank you enough for all of your work in putting it together in such an attractive way.

I’m so glad I finally got to set the stories straight!”

Vera Walker, memoir client

Here’s What We Do


We interview, write, edit, design,
and enhance photographs.

You get professionally printed books
(no minimum).

Packages are tailored for your needs.


We film and edit a personal interview
in our studio or your home.

Pricing begins at $5000.

Here’s How It Works


Schedule a Consultation

Let’s explore the possibilities together.


Complete Proposal

You will know what you’re getting and the cost.


Final Approval

You have final approval before completion.

Honor your loved one in a respectful and dignified manner.

Let’s capture their memories and preserve them for you and your family.

Send me a few questions to stir the memories.

Don’t wait.

Your loved one won’t live forever, but their stories can.
Our professional memoir products honor your loved one now and after they’re gone. Be the hero of the family. Capture the stories that will soon be forgotten.

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We are passionate about honoring your loved one through professional memoir services.

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