How will your loved one be remembered?

Tell the stories.

What’s in the chest? Our elders know the treasures buried deep in their souls. Their experiences strengthen and unite each generation to the next.

It would be wise to get their stories recorded. For yourself, for the grandchildren, and the great-grandchildren. Great idea, but who has time for that?

We do.

We are passionate about honoring people and their stories. Our experienced team will help unlock the treasured tales for your family and friends to cherish.

“You did such a beautiful job on the book. You are so talented and what an honor
you got to be a part of her special celebration!”

We begin with an interview to determine the ideal product and budget for your family. Our caring and compassionate team will then spend time capturing the stories of your loved one.

This is done in the most respectful and comfortable manner. We meet in person, help gather photos or other documents, and allow time to proofread as we go along.

We provide highly professionally finished products, offering printed books or video, or both. Not sure what you need, how extensive, or what it costs? We work together to determine the best fit for you.

“The final result surpassed anything that I had envisioned.”

The packages below serve as a guide. Length, number of photos, and number of copies are all customizable, and a quote can be provided for your specific needs.

Silver – 10 copies – $3500
4 hours of interviews
25 images (photos, certificates, etc.)
Approximately 8000 words – 32 pages
Professionally designed cover

Gold – 20 copies – $5500
8 hours of interviews
35 images (photos, certificates, etc.)
Approximately 13,000 words – 48 pages
Professionally designed cover

Platinum – 40 copies – $8000
16 hours of interviews
60 images (photos, certificates, etc.)
Approximately 20,000 words – 100 pages
Professionally designed cover

Video rates vary and begin at $4000. We are happy to provide a custom quote.

It’s a warm and wonderful experience for your loved one; an opportunity for them to share their stories for you to treasure now and in the future.

“My family and friends are so grateful for the book … we can’t thank you enough for all of your work in putting it together in such an attractive way. I can’t believe that local interest has required a second printing.”

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